What is a Collar Computer?

A collar computer is a wearable computer that looks like jewelry.
Each bead is a component and the strands that hold them are also the data and power carriers.
Some  components are worn as  wristlets and/or anklets and connect wirelessly.

We believe this is the natural and eventual replacement for all mobile/smart phones.
Licenses to use our peinding patent are now available.
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This looks like a nightmare, if every person is wearing something that is recording audio and video all the time, why would people wear it?

People will wear a collar computer by their own CHOICE, as it has so many benefits including:

What about state laws against recording others?
For now, you would have to turn it off in those places the same as you do now by not recording on a smartphone. In the longer run, polities will realize that the benefits of allowing all people to have  personal surveillance far outwetih the negatives, and laws will change.

What about recording in inappropriate places?
Just as bodycam wearers need to do presently, it is the wearer's responsibility to turn off recording in such places.

What will be the societal effect when collar computers become as ubiquitous as smartphones?

Peace and harmony, as people begin to live more truth full lives knowing that someone is watching, any time they are in public. Telling lies will no longer be a good option, as lies and the evidence against them will be available.

What stops governments and employers from abusing this technology?
The same thing that stops abuse now, the power and sovereignty of people, properly and peacefully exercised. The best defense against public surveillance is private surveillance. YOU will have your own record of what truly happened in any situation.

Won't people be forced to wear a collar computer and have it connected to a network run by authorities?

That's possible, in despotic polities. But in freedom loving polities, that's a feature, not a bug.  Most current law breakers could be sentenced to such electronic supervision instead of being sent to hugely expensive prisons, and have the freedom to work to compensate those they have hurt.

What about children and others who are not fully responsible for their own actions due to age or infirmity?
A collar computer will allow their caretakers to take better care of them by having more knowledge of what they do. Children will be trained to tell the truth when they know that every lie will likely be discovered. And truth telling children will grow up to be truth telling adults.

How is such a device even technically possible?
Collar computers are  wearable systems composed of several different collars. With the ever shrinking trend of electronics, many components will fit inside a single ornamental "bead" that may be part of the neck collar. Larger components will be worn around other body parts where they are less noticeable.

How soon until we're living in a world of collar computers?
Sooner than you may think. Smartphones became ubiquitous with amazing speed. Given all the  cost and benefits of collar computers, they will likely reach widespread adoption much faster.